Who, What, How?

Answering the questions “who, what, how?”, perhaps also with an element of “because”, is a concise way to describe the essentials of a business, its Business Model. Here are our answers regarding Talking Business – English


Who (are our target users and therefore potential clients)?

Anyone who is interested in ideas in business and who would like to express them as effectively as possible – because communication is key to so many things and our ability to communicate is within our control if we’re prepared to work on it.

What (do we aim to offer)?

Clear definition and analysis of the meaning of ideas, with reference also to the context in which they are being delivered – because there’s often an opportunity to be more precise and communicate better, in fact more “fluent” in business. Please see our Thoughts and News page for more about business ideas

How (do we aim to deliver what we offer)?

By talking about business ideas, whether on paper, on electronic media or in face to face discussion – because the modern world offers so many ways to communicate. Our Talking Opportunities page presents suggestions for group sessions. However, we are open to provide any format that we might agree with potential participants

Business ideas range from the highly technical to the quite routine and can be drawn from many sources. All require appropriate language in order to be shared widely. Business English is not a separate language from normal English. It’s just the English that each person (native or non-native speaker) uses, or would like to use, in their job. Everyone’s Business English is different and personal to them.


We provide an indication of the opportunities we can offer for Talking Business – English.

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