Talking Opportunities


We provide here an indication of the opportunities we can offer for Talking Business – English. For additional information or to discuss further, please contact us.

Language Practice

      Working on general language, perhaps as the starting point for a Programme

• What would you really like to talk about?

• What do people talk to you about?

• What do you want to do better?

Talking Business

      Examples of Talking Business topics covered in short (2 – 6 hour) Modules. The four headings are only to assist presentation,
      as topics can be placed in any combination to form a narrative and a Programme. For example, on one day, three 2-hour
      Modules: Talking Management, Talking Finance, Talking Information. We can also discuss possible additional topics, and reflect
      specific business issues, at the request of the client.


• Talking People

• Talking Leadership

• Talking Management

• Talking Change

• Talking Networks

• Talking Business Failure


• Talking Forecasting

• Talking Decisions

• Talking Business Plans

• Talking Finance

• Talking Innovation

• Talking Marketing

• Talking Brand


• Talking Contracts

• Talking Information

• Talking Buying & Selling

• Talking Real Estate

• Talking Intellectual

• Talking Communications

Our World

• Talking Future

• Talking Society

• Talking Economics

• Talking Policy

• Talking Media

• Talking Sustainability

Special Modules

      1 – 2 day Modules with a number of Sessions, which can also form part of a longer Programme. An opportunity to work on a topic
      in extra detail.

• Leadership and Culture – reading the organisation, behaviours to make things happen, corporate governance

• Fundamentals of Strategy – priorities and resources, the process of reaching a goal

• Decision Making – dealing with uncertainty: actions in the present, consequences in the future

• Key Issues in Modern Finance – what’s happening in the world of finance, including banking, investment, audit and regulation; the UK
  as a case study

Business Skills

      Skills for specific situations in 1 - 2 day Modules

• Speaking – the power of personality

• Listening – practise it any time, any way

• Writing – what you see is what you get

• Meeting – set the goals, manage the situation

• Presenting – say it and say it again

• Negotiating – finding the win-win solution

Future Events

      Preparation for planned participation in future events in ½ - 1 day Modules

• Briefings – listening or presenting: getting the message

• Training Courses – what you need to get the best from them

• Conferences – listening skills and business/networking language

Follow-on Strategies

      Approaches to embed learning, as wrap-up to a Programme

• Setting Goals

• Survival Strategies

• Resources and Support